Misinterpretations That Get Us In Trouble

1. Joseph, son of Jacob was arrogant. No where do we read that he was, could have been. Him telling his dreams to his brothers doesn’t prove arrogance, shows naiveness at most by the text alone. Anything else is speculation.
2. Jesus was ugly (Isaiah 53:2-3). No where we read the word “ugly” to describe Jesus. At most we can interpret He didn’t look like society’s “standard of top model”, but this doesn’t mean He was “ugly”. Hmm. Even in Genesis 29:17 Leah is not described with the word “ugly”.
3. Jesus was homeless. No. Having no place to rest your head … Read moreMisinterpretations That Get Us In Trouble

In Season

If we’re living in obedience to the Lord, doing all that we know we ought to, by His grace; praying, reading the Bible, being kind to ourselves and others, confessing our faults, and we find ourselves in a season of storms, what we’ll need is encouragement to keep pursuing God and His righteousness. What we’ll need at the time reminding ourselves of our identity in Him and declaring His power. And we need friends who’ll propel us there.

Types of prayers & why I believe warfare prayers are important!

There are many types of prayers. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of repentance, prayers of intercession, prayers of forgiveness, broadly speaking. Most of us Christians have no problem engaging in these types of prayers. Yet, many of us neglect or reject altogether another very important type of prayer, these are warfare type prayers. These types of prayers, Christians take their authority in Christ to combat the forces of darkness.

Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

I believe these are specifically targeted against demons, … Read moreTypes of prayers & why I believe warfare prayers are important!

Impeach Witchcraft

On January 6th, witchcraft sieged the Capitol. On January 20th, it was inaugurated.
The whole earth groans. We have celebrated this evil and embraced it as carnival or “freedom”. Witchcraft, she no longer hides. She comes out blatantly in the movies as “entertainment”, in the video games as “cool” and in the music as “contemporary”. She has crept into the compromising church as “tolerant” and all over the government as “progressive”. To sound “cheesy”: witchcraft has no shame, is no game and is to blame. For as long as we continue to rebel against God, we welcome her, witchcraft. We took … Read moreImpeach Witchcraft

Receive Power

In computer science, the more algorithms you understand and can implement or the more efficient ones you can derive to solve problems, the more powerful of an engineer you are. There are other forms of power. Some of evil, others of good. But none as powerful as Holy Spirit Himself. For it is through Him wisdom is gained, even to understand many matters in science and the natural. It is through Him men are born again, healed, delivered and sanctified for His good work. Will you receive His power today by surrendering your life to Christ?

Fill Your Prayer Bowls

I am telling you the truth. Prayer is one of the most underused activities in the kingdom of God. After we are done reading His Word, we need to pray so that Holy Spirit may apply the Word to our lives. Holy Spirit knows how to properly suit us up that we may be able to shield from and resist the enemy, causing him to flee. Prayerlessness is like going to war without first talking to the army general, God. Don’t let your prayer bowl be empty. Talk to God daily, bind on earth, use your authority in Christ Jesus.