Types of prayers & why I believe warfare prayers are important!

There are many types of prayers. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of repentance, prayers of intercession, prayers of forgiveness, broadly speaking. Most of us Christians have no problem engaging in these types of prayers. Yet, many of us neglect or reject altogether another very important type of prayer, these are warfare type prayers. These types of prayers, Christians take their authority in Christ to combat the forces of darkness.

Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

I believe these are specifically targeted against demons, … Read moreTypes of prayers & why I believe warfare prayers are important!

God is my [our] home

A poem about the wonderful Jesus. I hope you enjoy.
Be blessed.
God is my rock, my home
In His presence is where I belong
He’s all faithful, my entire hope
He’s my shelter from the storm
My God provides all I need
He sees all and watches over me
My God of great comfort
The God who broke my chains and set me free
When He called me that’s when life begun
Now I live, I live for Him
I am His servant
I pray I won’t leave His will undone
God works for the good of those who love Him
All glory to the eternal King
More praises to Him my heart will … Read moreGod is my [our] home

Always Something to Talk About

Simply speaking, prayer is talking to God; having a conversation with God. It involves crying out, petitioning, listening, waiting, praising, worshipping, asking, interceding. Wow, why does it include waiting? Well, it ought to be continuous and God works in His own timing. While we wait, we continue to serve God, we continue to ask Him for deeper intimacy with Him. We might think that we’re all prayed-out; that there’s not much more we can ask for as God already knows and sees all we and the people around us need. Yes, God knows everything, but we should still continue communicating with … Read moreAlways Something to Talk About

Don’t forget to Pray

The Bible says the prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16). Recently, I have been reading about North Korea, and other places in the world where Christians are persecuted and oppressed. Open Doors states the following: “In practice, civilians do not have any rights. There is no freedom to build churches or to worship in homes. Possession of a Bible or Christian materials is illegal and punishable by death. The proclamation of the Gospel is strictly forbidden. Christian parents can’t even share their beliefs with their children until they are old enough to understand the dangers. Christians are viewed as … Read moreDon’t forget to Pray

Always and Forever With You God

May I be one after Your heart oh LORD, may I worship You in all that I do, all that I say, all that I think. Rid me of this heart of stone, and renew me with a heart of Your Spirit. For You are my God, and I am Your servant. Use me for Your glory, discipline me and rid me of pride. Hold me steady on the path You have chosen and deliver me from all evil. For in You alone LORD can I find a home.
Oh my LORD and my King, life is meaningless without Your guidance. … Read moreAlways and Forever With You God