Science and the Bible

Contrary to what secular scientists claim, one can still be a Christian and practice science. Science is not exclusive to unbelievers. Infact, the word science means knowledge, it is not a synonym for the theory of molecules-to-man, popularly called evolution.

Secularists will have you believe, that if you reject the idea that we all come from a common ancestor, you are unscientific and illogical. They will claim that you reject the evidence that proves the theory. Yet what evidence? Are we not all looking at the same planet and universe?

There is a lot on this topic. Yet, myself as a firm believer in the Word of God, starting from Genesis, will mention a few of the common fallacies (F) made by the naturalists.

F: There is evidence to support that we all share a commom ancestor.
Response (R): These guys use the word evidence really poorly, a shame on them really, we are all looking at the same universe. More so, all we have observed, as the Word of God supports, is variations of species within their own kind. Secularists cannot provide one fossil record showing a transition from one kind to another. That’s the real evidence that would support their claim, yet they have none, and can provide none because the Word of God, as stated in Genesis already told us how it happened.

F: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”
R: This is a fancy-like mish-mash of words by Stephen Hawking. Hate to break it to him, but if x doesn’t exist, no way it can create itself. There is really nothing to address here, it is mathematically impossible.

F: Who created God?
R: The fallacy is not in the question this time, just in the understanding of God. If God needed to be created, He would be dethroned as God. Christians do not believe in a created God, but believes that, as is written in His Word, that He is eternal. Christians start with God, as does the very first line in the Bible starts, where as secularists start with nothing (they don’t like hearing this, but if you claim it, defend it).

There is a wonderful resource on this topic. Viewing secularists have attacked it by claiming the producers edited the interviews to make the secular scientists look foolish. Actually, you do not need to do anything really to make molecules-to-man theory look foolish. The Bible says the fool says in his heart that there is no God. Anyhow, if the claim by the secularists was true about the resource, all they’d need to do to prove the claim is contact the scientists who were “made to look foolish” and ask for full details of the interviews. Yet, nothing has surfaced to prove otherwise. Bummer.

I really recommend the ministry by There are so many resources pertaining to this subject. One of my favourite speakers is Dr. Jason Lisle. Here’s a video where he speaks:

At the end of the day, all this is to help you in your journey to receiving Christ as your Lord and Saviour, or solidify your faith if you’re already a Christian. No one has ever seen in the Bible where God tells His people to shut up after asking a question. God has always welcomed communication between Himself and His people. No where does Christianity means the “act of quitting to use the brain”, a fallacy in the secularists understanding of faith. Contrary to their claims, Christianity is a wonderful arena to practice science, using the mind that the greatest Scientist Himself gave us.

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