Encouragement Prayer

God is my [our] home

A poem about the wonderful Jesus. I hope you enjoy.

Be blessed.

God is my rock, my home
In His presence is where I belong
He’s all faithful, my entire hope
He’s my shelter from the storm

My God provides all I need
He sees all and watches over me
My God of great comfort
The God who broke my chains and set me free

When He called me that’s when life begun
Now I live, I live for Him
I am His servant
I pray I won’t leave His will undone

God works for the good of those who love Him
All glory to the eternal King
More praises to Him my heart will sing

His mercy endures to everlasting
I just want to be like Him
So more worship, more honour I can bring

Devoted to You LORD am I and many more like me
We live for You Oh God
You Jesus are our home, our life, our all.

By Lisa

Jesus loved me to life!

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