Consider Your Eternity.


I don’t watch a lot of sports. I am aware of some of the stars through the tele, internet and even through my elder brother.

I was wondering what was the purpose of Kobe’s death at this very time. We are all appointed to die and then a judgment (Hebrews 9:27). But what was the point? It occurred to me that because he was so popular it must be because through it, people will consider eternity. There’s tragedy in various parts of the world. When tragedy occurs in what’s important to us, it’s more than likely to cause us to think deeply. If one tragedy doesn’t affect us, another most definitely will. We’re all going to die at some point. In Kobe’s, what seems to us early death, he’s still going out with a final grand act. If I may say so.

May God comfort all those who are mourning because of his death and the death of the others on the chopper with him, as well as others who are mourning/hurting for other reasons in life. And may that grief drive us closer to Christ or into a relationship with Him. At the end of the day, the most important legacy we can make for ourselves is the one which drives the question “what did you do with Christ?”. Hopefully the answer that will be given based on our fruits and the confessions of our mouths is “(S)He lived for Christ”.

I am not going to get deep into the why Jesus over other faiths debate. I think it is obvious that it’s either Jesus or nothing at this point. No other faith is as attacked and ridiculed as Christianity. One might say that’s because it is the most popular faith in the world, but it is attacked in regions where it is not even popular. It is attacked in television shows, in real life, and on a daily basis. Satan doesn’t spend time fighting what’s false. He’s not going to fight against his own projects. They are distractions, filled with confusion. If he gets you caught in one of them, then his purpose fulfilled.
So don’t get caught up in the distractions.

Consider your eternity. Consider Christ. And if you have already done those, good for you. Keep on with the upward press towards the goal of that high calling in the one and only Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s not easy, but more than worth it!