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What are the chances?

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen. – Romans 1:25

There is a Caribbean saying; “when you give someone an inch, they may take a yard” (roughly paraphrased). With the enemy, when he gets an inch, he doesn’t just try for a yard, he is going in for the kill. Denying Jesus removes His protective gear and gives the enemy just that foothold he needs to lead people astray and destroy them. If anyone has an ear to hear the Gospel, I pray will hear. If you’re not on Jesus’ side, you are in bad company. Even the atheists know what they are preaching is impossible. Is a few fleshly pleasures on earth worth your eternity with God? It is okay to submit to God, He is very good. Everything good under the sun that we enjoy is made possible because of Him. The love we share between family and friends, laughter, the beauty in nature etc. If we are eternally separated from Him, we will be eternally separated from those things too. I’m not saying come to Christ on those terms, but do come to Him recognizing your need for Him. We have all sinned; if we have placed someone or something as more important than God in our lives, the Bible calls this idolatry; if we’ve used the name of Jesus as a cuss word, it is blasphemy, we’ve sinned. If we have told a lie, we are guilty. If we have had sexual thoughts towards someone who is not our spouse, Jesus refers to this as committing adultery in our hearts. I am speaking plainly, that you may plainly understand and see your need for the forgiveness of the Father, for He is holy and as a holy God, He will not allow sin within His sanctuary. Our sin will not be patted on the back on that Great Day. Either we know Jesus, or we don’t.


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God is in control

God is in controlHappy new year everyone! I hope you’re stepping into the new year with Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If you have not made that decision as yet, I pray you will surrender to Him and leave the burden of sin behind with 2013. If you don’t see any reason to follow Jesus, I want to remind you that your rejection of Him does not void His sovereignty. God is in control, why fight against the One who loves you the most, the Creator of all things? Do not move forward with that burden, that losing battle. Let go, and let God.

I have been really been blessed by the following sermon (James MacDonald – God is in control), and just wanted to share it with you.

The main points of the sermon are:

1. God is in control even in your suffering

2. God is in control even at mid-night

3. God is in control even when your faith is weak

4. God is in control even when the wicked seem to prosper

Watch the sermon and be blessed!


Encouragement Theology Video

Just Stop and Think (Francis Chan)

A short video that will inspire the highest ideals, the clearest and most noble biblical values, and which do so with a commitment to holiness.  This is the salvation message and you got to get it!

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