For the Glory of God

Our actions generates celebrations from one of two kingdoms. “Do things for the glory of God” is not for God’s benefit, as God is already all sufficient. Operating for His glory is a benefit to us. When we do or say something that His kingdom can rejoice in, we welcome Psalm 91:11 in our lives.
On the contrary, when we […]

No Substitute for God

I often hear people say that God created us with a longing to be with Him. Perhaps, but I think it is the mere fact that Jesus, who is God, declared to be life (John 14:6) itself is the reason why every human being on the planet needs their Creator. God put the breath of life within us, and apart […]

God is in control

Happy new year everyone! I hope you’re stepping into the new year with Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If you have not made that decision as yet, I pray you will surrender to Him and leave the burden of sin behind with 2013. If you don’t see any reason to follow Jesus, I want to remind you that your […]

Trust and Obey

God is abundantly more than good, abundantly more than great. I think I can grasp a little bit what He meant when He said, “I AM that I AM”. God can only be described with His own self because there is none like Him.
A financial struggle really can shake someone up, atleast for me, these past few months was really […]

Tremble Because He Lives In You

At fellowship today, a brother said something that indeed reached to my spirit. He said that we should tremble at the thought or knowing a Holy God wants to dwell in us. God promises His Holy Spirit to all those who believe in the Name of Jesus Christ. It is truly a privilege to be chosen by God. As another […]

Get There, Be There

I haven’t come across anyone who’d prefer their friends to keep troubling matters to themselves. We often want a person to feel comfortable in confiding with us; opening up their hearts to let us know their deepest hurts. And many times it may be something that we ourselves are going through or went through. But what if it’s not? What […]

The Great Commission

Wake up! So you say that you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, wonderful! You sing songs “I have the blessings of Abraham”. Hey, did you know that Abraham when called by God just obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going? Many of us just tap our feet, clap our hands and think that’s about […]